Providing Independent Speech and Language Therapy in the West Midlands and surrounding areas



We are a team of independent Speech and Language Therapists working across the Midlands region.

Our therapists have a diverse range of experiences working with children and adults with speech, language and communication needs.  These experiences enable us to provide a quality service to our clients.

Our therapists are registered with the Health Care Professions Council and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists.  They all have current enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service registration.


What We Do

We provide high quality, holistic speech and language therapy services to children and adults with a wide range of speech, language and communication impairments.

We work closely with families, care staff, education, multidisciplinary professionals and other people who are important in the persons life to ensure our treatment has a lasting effect and to gain maximum outcomes.

Child In Speech Therapy

Services to Children

We work with children with a range of speech, language and communication impairments such as speech/language delay and disorder, autism and learning disability.

We offer comprehensive assessments of speech / language / communication and provide detailed written reports and recommendations.

We provide individual and group therapy for a range of disorders, such as:

  • Speech sounds

  • Phonological awareness

  • Language Processing

  • Understanding / Comprehension

  • Expressive language

  • Social skills and pragmatics


Expert Witness, Tribunals & Medico-Legal

Louise completed her Bond Salon Expert Witness Report Writing course in 2019.  She provides expert witness reports and professional witness tribunal reports for children and adults with autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities and other speech, language, communication and neuro-developmental disorders.  Louise produces detailed and thorough independent reports, which are court compliant.  Please contact Louise on 07411765114 to discuss your needs and a detailed quote will be provided to you.


Online Assessment and Therapy

Due to the challenges of Covid-19 we are now offering online Speech and Language Therapy assessments and treatments using Zoom.
An online assessment with a therapy home programme is £100.  Therapy treatment Zoom sessions are £50 per session. 
You will need to have Zoom downloaded onto your phone/computer and a working webcam to use our online assessment and therapy service.



Louise Engers


Louise Engers qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 2003 from Birmingham City University and gained her MSC in Learning Disability and Multisensory Impairment in 2009 from Manchester University.  She has worked in a variety of roles with both children and adults with learning disabilities.  Louise has a special interest in learning disability, autism, speech disorders and developmental communication disorders. 

Contact Louise 07411765114

Sarah Barker


Sarah Barker qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 2003 from Birmingham City University.  She has worked extensively with children with school aged children and has a special interest in working with developmental language disorder and autism.  

Contact Sarah 07877645123

Playing with Animals
Teacher & Student


Initial Consultation/Assessment: £100.  This includes case history, initial assessment including formal and/or informal procedures as appropriate and discussion with relevant parties e.g. parent/carer.

Detailed Assessment Report: £100.  A full formal report after the initial consultation if required and requested.

Subsequent Standard Consultation: £60.  This includes treatment and on-going assessment as appropriate (up to 1 hour)

Expert Witness / Tribunal Reports:  A detailed quote will be provided once your needs are requirements are discussed. 

Travelling charges: 50 pence per mile 

In addition to this, the time taken to travel on the client’s behalf will be charged proportionally at one half of the standard consultation fee rate (£30/h).

Correspondence and telephone calls

These will not be charged up to a limit of 10 minutes duration. Correspondence and telephone calls taking longer than this will be charged at a proportion of the standard Consultation fee. Any such charges will be specified as far as possible and agreed with the client prior to any such action taking place.

Nursery/School/Care Home Visits/Meetings

Charged as standard consultation (£60/h)

Services to Schools/Care Homes

Bespoke services to schools and care homes are available on a sessional basis. 

Online Zoom Assessments and Therapy sessions. 

£100 for assessment and home programme.  £50 per therapy session.  Please see our online therapy page for more information 


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Louise 07411765114 / Sarah 07877645123

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